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OpenBroadcaster is an open-source web-based scheduling, playout and emergency broadcast system for community radio stations and IPTV networks.

OpenBroadcaster¬†has a simple and effective web-based automation system with scheduler to conveniently manage your station from just about anywhere, through the creation of content lists that can play out over both terrestrial or internet radio and TV, using a mobile-friendly ‘drag-and-drop’ interface.¬† Setting up repeating content, such as station identification, public service announcements or advertisements is “point and click” easy.

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Licence: GNU GPLv3

Snowmix is a video and audio mixing framework based on gstreamer. It features a GUI interface, cli interface and a TCP API for scripting support. With Snowmix you can combine and mix video feeds and add overlay’s and graphics to video.

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Melted Video Server

Licence: GPL

Video Playour Server. Supports a wide range of video formats and hardware. Has live effects, graphics and CG.

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Flumotion Streaming Media Server

Licence: LGPL

Open source live- and on-demand streaming and transcoding platform based on Gstreamer. Supports WebM, VP8 and lots of hardware.

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FFMedia Broadcast

Licence: GNU GPL

Customized FFMpeg distribution for broadcast usage. Supports a wide range of broadcast standard video formats like MXF, XDCAM and more

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Licence: GNU GPL

OpenCaster is a collection of softwares for Linux system to play out and multiplex MPEG2 transport stream format.

MHP, MHEG5, HbbTv and others interactive tv standards object carousel broadcast
Playout of locally stored, offline encoded audio and video for non-live tv and radio stations
Multiplexing of input multicasted UDP transport stream to output multicasted UDP transport stream
VOD system based on mpeg2 transport stream over IP or over DVB for walled garden network like hotels with coax or ethernet.
DVB-SSU update, Data casting, Teletext generator, IP encapsualtor, PSI/SI generator, EPG generator

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Licence: GNU GPL

CaspagCG is a great live broadcast graphics server using adobe Flash graphics / templates. It can also be used for video playout.

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