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Low latency IP video distribution with support for Decklink, Bluefish and capture devices.

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Kaltura VOD streaming server


Kaltura Streaming Server is a module for the NGINX webserver able to remux, DRM and stream pre-encoded video for the web and VOD platforms.

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OBS Studio


Open Broadcast Software solution for capturing, mixing, compositing, graphics ans streaming. Used for gaming broadcast and live production.

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OpenBroadcaster is an open-source web-based scheduling, playout and emergency broadcast system for community radio stations and IPTV networks.

OpenBroadcaster has a simple and effective web-based automation system with scheduler to conveniently manage your station from just about anywhere, through the creation of content lists that can play out over both terrestrial or internet radio and TV, using a mobile-friendly ‘drag-and-drop’ interface.  Setting up repeating content, such as station identification, public service announcements or advertisements is “point and click” easy.

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LiquidSoap is an open-source platform for radio automation. You’re able to manage playlists, live-casts and time- and event-based scheduling. Has a support for transcoding and advanced audio filters and supports a wide range of codecs and streaming platforms.

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Codem Video Transcoder


Video transcoding platform based on ffmpeg / avconv. The platform contains a job-scheduler and multiple transcoding back-ends / hosts. Is (or was) used by the Dutch Public Broadcasting organisation.


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Licence: GNU GPLv3

Snowmix is a video and audio mixing framework based on gstreamer. It features a GUI interface, cli interface and a TCP API for scripting support. With Snowmix you can combine and mix video feeds and add overlay’s and graphics to video.

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HW Accelerated h264 broadcast encoder based on RaspberryPi board

Although the software is not Open Source (yet) the Hardware part is. The box is able to transcode multiple MPEG2 streams into h264:

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VBIT – USB Teletext inserter

Licence: MIT

An project to build an USB-powered teletext inserter used for private TV networks.

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Ardour Audio Workstation

Licence: GNU GPL

Ardour is a complete professional audio workstation solution for Linux and Mac OSX. Supports various audio plug-ins (also VST) and all major audio file formats.

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